About Us


Urban Eye Studio uses the digital medium to create luminous, abstract and representational digital art. 

As the lead designer of Urban Eye studio, Maria created her wallpaper collection, relying on her cultivated eye and attention to detail to ensure that each design is unique. Maria juxtaposed urban textures and oversized floral scenes in perfect harmony creating a gorgeous product for any environment.

Our collections interpret the physical landscape using new digital techniques to reflect the alchemy of light and texture.

Creative Director

Maria Sauze

Art and nature have always been Maria's primary passions. As a girl in Argentina, her favorite pastime was cutting pictures from magazines and adding her own illustrations and captions. As soon as she got a camera, she started making her own stories, which showcased her love of animals and nature.

After school, she went to Europe with friends and began learning how to work with different crafts - art, textiles, and photography - turning her passion into a way of life. 

When she returned to Argentina, she studied photography with the master Oscar Bonny and took painting workshops with Yuyo Noe. She started a job at the only good photography lab that existed in those days in Buenos Aires, and it was there that she finally trained her eye, looking at marvelous photos from one of the best photographers in Argentina. These photos ranged from architectural and fine art to animal behavior, featuring striking images of the wildlife in Patagonia. 

These influences connected in Maria's mind like a pattern, and the pattern turned into her unique way of seeing art in the world. Today, her multifaceted vision comes in many ways and forms that she applies to her interior design projects and  surface patterns motives, while continuing to nurture her first love: photography. 

Her interior design work has been featured Homes and Gardens (North America), Casa Vogue (Spain), Elle Decor (France and South America) and Côté Sud (France)